The basis for the success of Gebr. de Boon B.V. was laid at the beginning of the nineteen sixties in Hardinxveld-Giessendam. At that time, the De Boon brothers were working in the sale of reed mats, but that in no way assured or guaranteed the future. Well-timed, this reed mat business was turned into a wholesale business in cold water fish. Partly due to the fact that pets were increasingly becoming the focus within families, the company turned into a wholesale business in animal essentials. The cold water fish disappeared from the range and Gebr. de Boon B.V. increasingly began to specialise in accessories and snacks for pets.

The change in strategy turned out to be a fantastic success and was followed by years of tremendous growth. This played a part in making Gebr. de Boon the leading and innovative wholesaler in the pet industry it is today.

Gebr. de Boon’s mission was and still is clear: supplying quality products for animal and human welfare. In addition to innovation and collaboration, reliability and continuity are key words at Gebr. de Boon B.V.

Gebr. de Boon has a genuine wholesale function. The range of animal essentials for fish, birds, rodents, dogs and cats is very wide and includes over 9000 items. Except for the animal feeds and angling products, Gebr. de Boon is able to set up a complete animal department. The range consists of high-quality personal import items plus virtually all appealing top brands. To keep ahead in the range of new products at all times, Gebr. de Boon buyers can be found in the Far East on a regular basis. Purchasing is of course done in a responsible manner.

From its logistics centre, Gebr. de Boon is in an excellent position to reach its customers. The building is located directly on exit roads A15 and A27. For its distribution, Gebr. de Boon uses both its own lorries and other transporters’ services.

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